Koh Lanta is often called the Sunset Island and for many people it has a special Place in their Hearts. In the end of Beautiful Long Beach you can find Malee Seaview right on the beach which is a Private area with European Standard Villas and Apartments in various sizes. Its a perfect private area for Families, Couples or Singles.

The area has 15 Beachfront Villas and 30 villas just behind them. In the heart of Malee Seaview you have the nice Sai Naam Residence area with 19 apartments, 5 Chain Houses and a Restaurant with Thai and Western food.

The Malee Seaview Area was projected and built by Mattias and Mia Terngård and their Company Poseidon Villas Co., Ltd. The Project started in 2006 and all unit was delivered to it’s new owners. Today the area has a well organised Management with a General Manager, a community board and  annual  meetings. The area has it´s own Serviceteam that takes care of the area, gardens, swimmingpools and also housecleaning.

To buy a House or an Apartment in Thailand Buying a villa or an apartment in Thailand is a major decision for any person and there are of course a lot of questions about how things really work. With our experience of having built this great project we can help you to find the best solution for you. If you choose to invest in an object at Malee Seaview the value is in the object and also in the area an their safe well elaborated structure. This will give you a longterm increase of value and during the time your investment can give you a good and safe direct yield through our well established rental concepts. Buy House/Apartment

To rent a House or an Apartment in Thailand There are many reasons why families choose to spend varying periods of time on Koh Lanta. One of the biggest reasons probably is the two Swedish Schools on the Island since 2004.  Are you on a short or long vacation and wants to rent your own Apartment or Villa on Koh Lanta in Thailand. There are four main companies on Koh Lanta that rents out units at Malee Seaview and Sai Naam Lanta. Rent House/Apartment

We are still in business and can help You to find Your Dream!

Mattias & Mia Terngård

Malee Seaview Area Map