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Flexi House consists of eight apartments of 45-60 m3 with 4 beds. There is a plunge pool belonging to the house.

We now make the wall on all floors and casting of the pool is in progress.

The F-House (Chic House) consists of 4 apartments of 98-117 m2. The apartments on the ground floor has a private pool.

For a few days, floor plan two was csted


The B House (Chic House Deluxe) consists of 5 apartments of approximately 45-140 m2 and is located on the top of the Malee Highlands.

The floors at the top will have private jacuzzis and the bottom of the private pools.

In this building we deal with everything from casting, tileing, roofing, piping, window installation and much more.
At the bottom of this building, the spa and sauna area and the associated ice-pool will be located.

Restaurant and Pool

Just behind the E house is Malee Highlands Restaurant and Pool. It is built for slippery life and will be brought along in time to Peeken coming to Lanta.
The restaurant will not be in use for the first season but we are investing in a Café with Pool Menu as well as a variety of Homedivision options.

All tiles come in mid August, then it will look nice!


Welcome to Malee Highlands!


There we go!

A few weeks ago, we began to dig out for our new building, called Flexi House. This is a apartment house with flexible apartments. Of a total of 8 apartments, 6 of them have connecting doors to the apartment next door. Everything to create more opportunities for accommodation in different sizes and price ranges. But with the same quality and interior style as other apartments on the Malee Highlands.

We dig a lot to get to the right level so that the building does not disturb the view from  buildings behind. Everything is measured by digital measuring instruments by our building managers. Reinforcing iron to the structure has come and the workers prepare them before they are to be used.

We have really felt that it has been high season in Koh Lanta and it’s still going on! We often feel that you would like more hours in one day or that cloning machine had been invented 🙂

The construction of the Malee Highlands progresses good even if we wish it could go faster. At the same time, you cannot stress a building if you want to maintain the quality of what you build.

Of the 8 apartments we have had for sale in the D and E house all are sold, F-House will start to be built in a few months from now.

More information about F-House HERE

The Flexi House with eight apartments will begin to build during March. Here are four apartments left for sale.

In recent months, we have not been updating our blog so we have gathered many things below.

We have the floor and kitchen benches are installed. A lot of glass has been installed and we are waiting for the big glasses to come in the next few weeks.
Pool pumps in E3 and E4 are installed. Recently we got the electricity plugged in both the E and D house so it’s starting to light up well now! Furniture is stored in various storage rooms ready to be installed as soon as the house is closed with glass and doors. The specially designed doors and furniture will arrive at the end of April.

We have got AC installed in one of the apartments and soon the other apartments will get theirs. Fixing’s work is going on in full and the stairs to these will be delivered in late April together with the remaining doors. Soon we will wallpaper  D2 foundwall and arrange D2 for photo shooting. Then there will soon be a new trip to Phuket to order things from IKEA and buy other things good for the rest of the D apartments. Curtains are ordered for D2! It will be so fun to finish this and then the others of course 🙂


Other Construction
There is a lot of work going on on the Malee Highlands. The supporting walls are built and the pipes are beeing installed under the road. Water tanks are ordered and an additional water hole will be drilled. The work with B and C The house is going on fully and in a few weeks we will begin to build the Restaurant pool with associated rooms for various storage rooms, games room, service rooms, etc.

We have started the digging for Flexihouse and we are in the starting pit to begin with the structure.

Many people talk about the low season at Lanta and that it will be a bit nice with quiet time. For Highlands, there will be no low season, we will be here and monitor everything in place to make it as good as we say it will be!

Rental at Malee Highlands
The rental at Malee Highlands will open on December 15th. The construction of large machines will be minimal as we will place this into what is called the low season. All in order for our owners and tenants to get as good a stay as possible. Working hours for construction during high season will be between 9.00 and 17.00.

If you want to rent on Malee Highlands from December 15, 2018, you can send an e-mail to mia@maleehighlands.com
There will be free school bus to both schools (must be booked) as well as shuttle bus to the beach.
Some kind of consumption will be offered on or in connection with Malee Highlands as well as home delivery service from selected restaurants.
One can also book the shuttel bus to get to a restaurant in the evening! A public pool will be on site or in connection to Malee Highlands.

Warmly welcome to Malee Highlands!

Mia and Mattias Terngård, Poseidon Villas – Sales and Management has their office on Long Beach (In the same building as Dreamy Spa but closer to Saladan)
During our 14 years at Koh Lanta we have built Malee Beach with 70 properties. Have about 25 second-hand sales.

We are still working to help people sell houses and apartments on Koh Lanta while we also are building 60 apartments on our new project Malee Highlands.

Southern Lanta
We have previously stayed away from Southern Lanta’s area as we did not think we had enough knowledge about the area to be able to mediate this in a good way. After receiveing request several times , we found the opportunity to collaborate with Stefan Lebert who started Koh Lanta’s first Swedish school “Lanta Sanuk School” and since he also planned and sold all 26 Villas on Southern Lanta and over half of the apartments at Southern Residence we believe that he has the knowlege. He also started the first rental business on Koh Lanta, today called Lanta Hideaways, where he is now back as the owner 13 years later.

Sell or buy ​​your property
So if you have a villa or apartment in Southern Lanta’s area you want to sell, feel free to contact us and we will tell you more!
Of course, we also sell real estate on the Malee Beach area!
Malee Highlands area has apartments, and some of them offer a 7-year installment plan or a 3-year income guarantee.
Please contact us if you have a house or villa somewhere else on Koh Lanta so we can look at this as well.

Background to why we came to Koh Lanta
Stefan and Camilla Lebert were a strong contributing factor to finding Koh Lanta and take the big step to pack our bags and move. When we read their website about breaking up from Sweden we were totally sold. They had started a Swedish School at Koh Lanta “Lanta Sanuk School” where we entered our 2 children Elinore and Emil.

2004 we sold everything in Sweden and took a Thaimout

We rented a two room bungalow the first two seasons.

When we where touristing in Bangkok

Lanta Sanuk School 2004

We are a solid team that together has 50 years of experience in Koh Lanta and found accommodation for singles, couples and families looking for a lovely place on earth to live.
Wether it been for sale, purchase, rent or as a guest. To help people in different ways has become our lifestyle.

Find us at the office or send an email to mia@maleehighlands.com whether you want to rent, buy or sell a property.
Or call Mia +66 63 848 0473



Everyone who follows our Construction Blog has probably read that we have been looking for furniture manufacturers in Thailand. The first furniture is now being manufactured to be installed fbetween January 23 to January 29, 2018. Everything may change in Thailand, but we believe and hope that everything will go as plan.
Then the furniture comes in parts by truck and in another car, the furniture installmen will install them in our apartments. Best to use those who have this as their profession!

As you may have seen, we have finished the floor in Chic House D4 and soon D3 will be clear.
We have all bathroom equipments in our storage rooms and in about one to two weeks, custom-made lamps
and furnishings will come from Bangkok and China.

In about a week we go to Phuket and make the order of mattresses and other things for the first show apartment.
Photos of the finished apartment will be at out website as soon at it is finished.

Are you on Koh Lanta Do not forget to join our competition and get a Goodiebag and compete for free accommodation for up to 2 weeks at Malee Highlands seasons 18/19 0ch 19/21 if you win you choose yourself when you want to stay! Here you will find information about Competition 1

You who are not on Koh Lanta can compete for free accommodation 1 up to 2 weeks at Malee Highlands seasons 18/19 0ch 19/21 win you choose yourself when!
Here you will find information about Competition 2


Viktig teknisk information – att läsa innan man investerar

Det är stora skillnader på byggteknik i Thailand. Ytan är ju inte alltid det viktigaste utan vad som finns under och hur varje delmoment är utfört och med vad för material.
Tidigare har vi bla berört vikten av att betongstommen blir korrekt utförd och så även om att byggnaderna har rätt takbeläggning. Ytterligare en viktig punkt är badrum och balkonger.

Traditionell byggteknik i Thailand och som appliceras på de flesta ställen är att en betongstruktur gjuts och att golvbeläggningen(klinker/skiffer mm) sedan läggs i ett tjockt lager sättbruk, förhoppningsvis med fall. Ingen fuktspärr eller tätskikt och bara en enkel liten Thaibrunn med minimalt vattenlås där dessutom röret går hela vägen upp till överkant golvbeläggning.

Man tillåter helt enkelt vatten att bli stående i husstrukturen. Denna teknik är inte funktionell eller på något sätt rekommendabel i ett våtutrymme som används på det sättet som vi Falanger gör idag, ej heller på balkonger som skall klara ideliga skyfall kombinerat med stark sol. Vi kommer nedan beskriva lite steg för steg om hur detta hanteras på
Malee Highlands och vi anser att det är av yttersta vikt att man faktiskt kan redogöra för hur detta moment genomförts.

Allt damm tas bort från betongplattan och här borstar vi in cement,primer och vatten som förberedelser för
gjutningen med fall. Detta är viktigt så att det verkligen fäster i underlaget.

Fallet är nu gjutet med en fuktbeständig specialbetong.

Fuktspärr appliceras på väggar och en bit ut på golv. Ett badrum består av olika zoner och fuktskyddet
måste anpassas efter hur stor påfrestningen är i dessa olika zoner.

När man monterar större plattor som här, så måste/bör man dubbellimma. Alltså jobba in fixet (fästmassan)
både på vägg och på plattan. På detta sätt motverkar man risken med att plattorna i framtiden släpper
med alla problem som det skapar.

Vi använder oss av rejäla brunnar och här är brunnen monterad och så att även det rejäla medföljande
gummimembranet som agerar extra fuktspärr där påfrestningen är som störst.

Första lagret av fuktspärr som lagts omlott med spärren från väggen är nu gjord, fler lager tätskikt återstår.

Ett rejält vattenlås där vattnet inte torkar ut är av vikt för att stoppa eventuell lukt.
Rör på Lanta är fulla av hår, hudrester mm och detta löser man genom att löpande
hälla i starka kemikalier i rören. Detta är såklart inte bra för naturen och definitivt inte
för rör och tätningar som efter en tid kommer börja läcka. Detta skapar stora problem
och kostnader för den som köpt.  Därför är det så viktigt med funktionen att det inte
följer med ner i rören utan kan rensas regelbundet av städpersonal.

Vi har en extra backventil som hängsle och livrem mot lukt och kryp. Standard på Lanta är att grå och svartvatten förs ihop utanför huskroppen, tillsammans med undermåliga brunnar gör att det är mycket vanligt med lukt som går bakvägen. Detta är inte bara otrevligt utan
gaserna som skapas kan också vara hälsofarliga.

Därför känns det extra bra med vårt system där vi separerar de olika systemen och dessutom efter filtrering och analys av vattnet återanvänder till t.ex. bevattning mm.

Kanske kan en smidig säljare snacka bort vikten av vår text ovan, men vem står sedan med problemen om detta inte gjorts riktigt?!

Mattias Terngård
Managing Director
Poseidon Management Co., Ltd

Participate in our COMPETITIONS to win exclusive prices and Goodiebags!

Welcome to Malee Highlands on Koh Lanta!
The 17/18 season is now in full swing and we want to draw your attention to the fact that there is a new exclusive area on Koh Lanta. The apartments are available for sale and during the spring of 2018 we will also open our booking page for the 18/19 season. If you want to follow the construction, click HERE.

Below are TWO competitions that you can participate in to have the opportunity to win accommodation at Malee Highlands during the season 18/19 or 19/20, so keep on reading!

Like and follow our FB page HERE.

Further down in this letter, you will find information regarding Malee Highlands, newest building and what items we sell from Malee Highlands and Poseidon Villas – sales and management.

– Take a Selfie at Malee Highlands

The competition is for everyone who will be on Koh Lanta sometime between 29th December -17 to the 15th February -18.






New building release – Flexi House

We never stop thinking about how we can make Malee Highlands better and it´s the creation process that triggers us! Soon, our new apartment house, called Flexi House, will be released and up for sale. The apartments are very flexible and have smart solutions where some apartments have connecting doors both inside and outside to create easy access to community and larger social areas. The prices of the apartments will be from 3,100,000 THB to 3,700,000 THB and will have one bedroom and two beds in the daybed or in the sleeping loft as well as one bathroom and kitchenette. Furnished in the same nice style as the other apartment models in the area.

Check out our FB page and on our website or email us if you want to be sure not to miss the Offer that will be released when we put up the apartments for sale.
E-mail to: mia@maleehighlands.com Mark with “Flexi House”


The first apartments will be finished soon!

When you start a new project, you always hope that the plans will last. Since we have already built Malee Beach on Koh Lanta between 2006-2012, we know that things usually take longer than expected. Therefore, we decided not to stress the construction so that the durability of the construction would not suffer. We have taken the time to find the right materials, products and furniture so that the apartments will maintain the high standards we want.

We expect to have our first “Show Unit” at the Chill House (D-House) to be ready in the middle of February. The “Show Units” at the Chic House (E-House) will be ready approximately one month after the above.

You are of course more than welcome to contact us about a private viewing at Malee Highlands.

You can read our construction blog HERE

Other Properties For Sale

In addition to our new Malee Highlands Project, we are also
selling other properties on Koh Lanta.
Contact us if you are interested in knowing more about what it is like to own something in Thailand. Book a private viewing of our properties for sale.
We do you need to think about before buying a property? Revenue opportunities, expenses, form of ownership.Visit our website for more information.
www.poseidonvillas.net Southern Residence

Apartment 312
Price: 4 990 000 THB
Malee Beach

Villa C11
Pris: 6 800 000 THB
Malee Beach

Villa B8 
Price: 11 175 000 THB

Malee Beach

Beachfront Villa A2 
Price: 36 500 000 THB

Malee Highlands

Chill House, Chic House, Flexi House and Villa A1
Price from 3 100 000 THB to 8 500 000 THB

Annelie Persson

Poseidon Management Co., Ltd
Tel: +66 99 306 2672

Mattias Terngård

Poseidon Management Co., Ltd
Tel: +66 63 848 0940

Mia Terngård

Malee Highlands Co., Ltd
Tel: +66 63 848 0473

Find our Office!

 Find Malee Highlands from our Office!

We wich you all a Happy New Year and hope to meet you soon!

Mia, Mattias and Annelie

Copyright © 2017 Malee Highlands Co., Ltd, All rights reserved.

Sometimes you can get those funny pictures that for us foreigners shows that we are in another country with another culture!
We took this picture on today’s dinner, which was put in the sun to be dried.  Have a nice meal!

TOT has pulled a 1260 meter fiber cable to Malee Highlands so now there is fiber in the area!
It really feels that we are working the correct way now, we plan, prepare and simplify completion in the right order!
Everything gets so much easier if everything is prepared! At Malee Highlands, each individual owner does not need to
have his own Fiber subscriptions, this thing and others are managed centrally by Malee Highlands Service Company,
all to make it easy to be an owner!

There are many things  that has to fit into the puzzle now and we are doing everything in our powe to make it work!
We are tileing in bathrooms and on balconies. Decoration stone are beeing installed. Windows and doors will be installed
so that we can “close” then Tarkett comes and lay the floor. The furniture company from Chiang Mai where we make special
designed furniture has been here to measure all apartments. Then they will come in mid January and install the furniture in
the D-House.

In the E-House there are about the same things that happen but in the slightly larger building are all the upcoming installations
windows, doors, floors, furniture etc. about a month after the D-house.

Work is going on at the Restaurant building.

At the side of the Restaurant we have started to build the area wall.

If you are in Koh Lanta and are curious. Check out our office located at the main road in the same building as
Dreamy Spa. Opposite Mr. Wee. Usually we are in the office between 9 am to 5 pm. It is also possible to just go up to
Malee Highlands but we ask you to be careful because it is a construction site.

Mail: mia@maleehighlands.com

Phone: +66 063 848 0473


After Mattias and I built up the beautiful area of Malee Beach, we said to each other that “We will never do this again” But after being “Normal Real Estate Brokers” for several years, the creative spirit began to come back and we again found  the PERFECT land piece and we could not resist it and decided to build a new nice area. The thoughts and ideas flowed and it became Malee Highlands! If you are interested to have a look at the area, it’s ok to go up there  but we ask you to contact us if you want a correct viewing so we can accompany you so that everyone are  using safety helmets. It is a construction area and we know where it is safe to go.

The progresswork at Malee Highlands are going as plan and soon we will start to tile the bathrooms and pools, and the units will also be painted inside and outside.


D-Huset – Chill House
As the land is so high with different levels, you get some new possibilities than when building on flat ground. Under this building we have created a roofed motorbikeparking. Stairs are built on both sides of the building.

3D-picture of D-Building

Soon to be painted.

Start of stair

More stair

Almost finished stair

Walkarea in front of the apartments.

Soon to be painted.

E-Huset – Chic House
As I wrote earlier, it’s a very level-rich piece of land which gives us so many more opportunities. The 3D images cannot really
explain how it will look. The E-house is at the front of the project and has an uninterrupted sea view. It’s hard to describe
only with pictures, you must come and visit us to really understand the feeling.  The first time I saw the land at Malee Highlands
I felt like I wanted to spinn around and sing “The Hills are alive” because that’s how it feels! I’m on top of the world!

3D -pictur E-Building

View from E4 Livingroom.

Making a sofa in E4 Swimmingpool

Ceiling installation in all apartments in progress

Stairwork to E1 and E2

Roof over E2 Terrace installation work.

An impressive building with a view that is hard to describe.

Celings ready to be painted.

E-Building seen from the Restaurant.

Installing a H-beam to hang lamps on.

The workers are really circus artistd and one must not be afraid of heights when working at this high level.
It feels very good that the fences will be installd soon.


You always have a vision of how things will be and we work towards making it as good or better than the
3D images made. Returning to the levels at Malee Highlands. During the construction we upgrade whwn we
see that there are new exciting solutions that we had no idea when we made the drawings we try to implement them.

Pictures from the kitchen area.

Here youcan see that the bar counter starts coming up and the toilets have come into place. In front of this building
the pool and poolarea will be built.

One of all sunsets you can see from Malee Highlands at Koh Lanta often called “The Island of sunsets”


In addition to the above buildings, there are many more things happening at Malee Highlands. It is drilled for water, planned
for electricity and water, the A1, A2, B and C buildings are under full construction.

This is the Gym that is placed under the Restaurant.

This picture is before moulding of B-Building 1st floor.

Moulding work at B-Building.

We had a nice visitor from Homepro Krabis Manager Khun Kwan.

The company DOS came with a whole delegation to discuss water tanks, water treatment systems, etc.

We drill an additional water hole so that the Malee Highlands will have enough water.