We havenÂŽt updated our blog for a long time so here it is. Our Facebook page is usually updated several times a week LINK Flexi House consists of eight apartments of 45-60 m3 with 4 beds. There is a plunge pool belonging to the house. We now make the wall on all floors and casting […]

There we go! A few weeks ago, we began to dig out for our new building, called Flexi House. This is a apartment house with flexible apartments. Of a total of 8 apartments, 6 of them have connecting doors to the apartment next door. Everything to create more opportunities for accommodation in different sizes and […]

Everyone who follows our Construction Blog has probably read that we have been looking for furniture manufacturers in Thailand. The first furniture is now being manufactured to be installed fbetween January 23 to January 29, 2018. Everything may change in Thailand, but we believe and hope that everything will go as plan. Then the furniture […]

Viktig teknisk information – att lĂ€sa innan man investerar Det Ă€r stora skillnader pĂ„ byggteknik i Thailand. Ytan Ă€r ju inte alltid det viktigaste utan vad som finns under och hur varje delmoment Ă€r utfört och med vad för material. Tidigare har vi bla berört vikten av att betongstommen blir korrekt utförd och sĂ„ Ă€ven om att […]

Sometimes you can get those funny pictures that for us foreigners shows that we are in another country with another culture! We took this picture on today’s dinner, which was put in the sun to be dried.  Have a nice meal! TOT has pulled a 1260 meter fiber cable to Malee Highlands so now there […]

After Mattias and I built up the beautiful area of Malee Beach, we said to each other that “We will never do this again” But after being “Normal Real Estate Brokers” for several years, the creative spirit began to come back and we again found  the PERFECT land piece and we could not resist it […]