Background – why my family and I chose to change our lives,

My family and I took in 2004 the decision to sell our house in Sweden, leave our everyday stress and migrate for 6 months to Koh Lanta, Thailand. We decided in autumn 2005 to move down to Koh Lanta and maybe spend a month during the summer in Sweden.

We were so incredibly tired of the dark, long and cold winters where you every morning had to haul yourself out of this nice warm bed and thought “it cannot be true is it already time …” to ripple out to the car, start it to get any heat at all and begin to scrape the windows. And then put your life at risk every day by slip around on the icy roads so you where completely exhausted when arrived. Yes, that’s when we started wondering if this was the meaning of life?

To warm up your house in Sweden is getting more and more expensive and if you use firewood, your summer months are devoted to solving this long, dark, cold winter. We were so tired at this rat-race to rush every morning, managing to get the kids to school or day care in time and ensure that they hopefully had everything with them. Work all day, rush out and hopefully get the time to shop for dinner before picking up the children. Coming home, cook food, fighting over homework, drive the children to training sessions or friends. Of course is the gasoline tank empty…, even though it’s not long ago, I filled up. Not to be overlooked, it must be fixed supper and the kids sent to bed before it was time to see the news and maybe the sport and then bedtime to manage a new day.

You will be working overtime and fighting in order to afford the newer car (the neighbor has actually changed). A holiday we will also need to survive the winter. All this just to know that tomorrow will contain the same scenario. Is it any wonder that people get exhausted`?

There is no other than yourself who can break the pattern and take hold of your life. You always have a choice!

That we chose Koh Lanta was mainly for the nice Swedish schools that exist here on the island. We thought first of Phuket and felt that there would probably suit us better, in that there is more to do and that the infrastructure is more developed.

As we know now, we are glad we came here instead. There are incredible beaches where the road does not go right next to, the food is much cheaper and the kids and we ourselves feel a lot more harmonious here. We also consider it that we give the kids a chance to develop and experience a little more… The kids have been safe, open individuals with an understanding that there is other than Sweden. They have new friends, but of course keep contact with them at home.

When we occasionally feel that it would be fun with a trip over the weekend, we take the boat to Phuket, three hours away or stay on Phi Phi, which is halfway. It is a relatively large vessel that chugs forward at a leisurely pace and you usually sit and sunbathe on the deck with your legs dangling over the edge. People who live here a long time and don’t have a work permit must also go on a so-called visa travel and it’s fun and interesting to see other countries around Asia.

Koh Lanta is about 28 km long and about 7 km wide and lies at the height of Phi Phi and Phuket in the Andaman Sea. Koh Lanta is the largest of 52 Lanta islands.It is also one of the islands that the government of Thailand has decided to invest the most money on the infrastructure.

Krabi town has the nearest airport. It is now international, making it easier to get here.. You can choose to go by boat or by car from Krabi to Lanta. If you select the car you have to now go with one car ferry.

A few years ago, I planned to purchase a property in Thailand. Partly because we want to live a little better when we’re here a long time, but mainly because I am convinced that it is a good deal. I can see that we will get the same trend as in the popular areas in Spain, where no average person today can afford to buy houses. Swedish schools on the island also make it very easy to rent out your accommodation if you wish.

What was annoying me when I came here a few years ago was that I thought it was expensive to buy a house and if I wanted to change something so it was really expensive. I’ve been in construction all my life and to see some sort of building, growing up is like a passion for me. I decided therefore to start my own business offering cheaper prices and still offer the same product, or maybe even better . In the summer 2006 we started to build Malee Seaview (No renamed to Malee Beach)

Now it’s not so easy to start a business in Thailand and it costs and it’s a lot of paperwork and permits. However, I think it was worth it, we have a wonderful time down here and due that you live very cheap so we do not have to earn that much.

We do not clean, cook or wash ourselves if we don’t want to, this is cheap to hire away we understands now what an incredible time we spend on this in Sweden this gives us important extra time to spend with family and friends.

Do you have children then Malee Seaview and Sai Naam Lanta is absolutely perfect for you. It’s located on the beach side of the road”, it will live many families with children in the area. As it is right at the ocean with spectacular views of Phi Phi Island and in clear weather Also Phuket, and just off the world’s ten most beautiful beaches, it feels juts perfect.

We have planned great emphasis on safety, greenery, lighting, rippling water and created a peaceful and harmonious area. Certainly there are roads in the area but the idea is that cars and other vehicles must park in parking area. We will have a wall around the area and security around the clock, year round. Children should also be easily able to run around and play with each other with no traffic around.

Now it’s no problem with safety on Lanta. People here are just as sincerely nice and very friendly and helpful (especially with children) but it still feels good to offer a safe concept.

Activities for the kids? Yes, that’s what is so unique here. The kids are so incredibly active and enterprising that they do not always need to be fed with the chores. Mostly it’s actually the kids who take care of it themselves.

I, Mattias 44, Mia 43 lives on Koh Lanta 6 months per year. Elinore 21 is stydying in Sydney and Emil 18 is studying in Sweden but comes an visit Lanta at Christmas and New Year.

Our villas are available with many different solutions like larger terrace, extended roof, extended kitchen, extra bedroom and more.

Are you interested in working so there is every possibility Lanta is now growing a lot.. It is recommended that you come down and really investigate what to do and what there may be demand for and yes, I will help you if you want to do something.

We work with very reputable and talented lawyers who have worked with us Europeans a long time and that makes you feel truly pampered and informed.

We have taken this decision and it feels very, very good!

What about your thoughts and ideas?

Let me know if you want!

Best Regards

Mattias Terngard